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Nike Flyknit Shoes On Sale

That average is not consistent throughout the state, however, which could create competition among school districts for new teachers as older teachers begin to retire, the report said.

That proportion will continue to grow as more baby boomers ages 50 68 retire, Gallagher said. He estimates a wave of teacher retirees will hit Wyoming schools in three to five years.

Bonnie Bitner, a 66 year old speech pathologist, laughed Thursday while playing a word game with her two students at Paradise Valley Elementary.

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Wyoming is poised to compete for out of state teachers due to its higher than average teacher salaries, according to the report. An average teacher in Wyoming made $59,314 in 2012, while an average teacher in Colorado made $50,841. Nationally, teachers on average made $57,580.

Nike Flyknit Shoes On Sale

Nike Flyknit Shoes On Sale

´╗┐Retirees likely to increase in education

But he does know that most industries face more difficulty recruiting workers to rural areas than metropolitan areas, where economies tend to be more diversified.

'Dropping off quickly'

"We know the shape of the animal," Gallagher said. "We just don't know how fast it can run."

With increased retirements, school districts would face more recruiting costs. That could cause critical decisions about where a district would cut costs to pay for finding and training new teachers.

Nike Flyknit Shoes On Sale

The issue

Nike Flyknit Shoes On Sale

Nike Flyknit Shoes On Sale

Just how dramatic that wave will be, however, is unclear.

People also tend to marry spouses with similar education levels, Gallagher said.

That makes teachers, whose profession is among the 25 percent of jobs in Wyoming requiring formal education beyond high school, more difficult than some other professions to recruit Nike Flyknit 3.0 Blue Mens

Nike Flyknit Shoes On Sale

For Gallagher, that raises an important question.

Nike Flyknit Shoes On Sale

Although there was a significant increase in the number of education related graduates at the University of Wyoming between 2011 and 2012, the number of people earning education degrees in Wyoming is small compared with other states, the report says. In 2012, UW awarded 289 education degrees.

The Legislature can pour all the money it wants into school districts, but if districts can't recruit the teachers they need, their ability to educate is limited, Gallagher said.

Nike Flyknit Shoes On Sale

Besides increased costs for recruitment, schools may face tougher competition for qualified teachers.

"Let's say we have to hire headhunters," Gallagher said. "Where are we going to get the money? What are we going to cut?"

Soon, those baby boomers might start retiring at a rate faster Nike Free Flyknit Nsw Oreo For Sale

to rural places, where there may not be many available jobs requiring a higher education.

"Is there a state interest in mitigating that competition?" he said.

One Nike Flyknit Shoes On Sale in five teachers in Wyoming is over the age of 55.

14 percent of teachers across the state were eligible for retirement, according to the report. About 3 percent of the teaching workforce over the age of 55, or 259 teachers, actually left the industry.

than local colleges produce education graduates and quicker than school districts can recruit replacements, according to a Wyoming Department of Workforce Services report.

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