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"It is sad that we talk endlessly about a fictional Victorian version of Robin Hood, who supposedly robbed the rich to feed the poor, and yet ignore the fact that within our county the rich worked children to death while at the same time they condemned them as being wicked for their poverty."Sheila Mason's talk Cluny Lace and the Nottingham Lace Trade 1700 2012 takes place at Nottingham Trent University's Bonington Building on Saturday from 11am to noon. The event is free, but places must be booked on 0115 848 8268.

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But sadly for the city, new fashions began to emerge along with cheaper lace making methods overseas. Slowly but surely the city's lace heritage began to unravel, and today only a handful of local lace enterprises survive.

Peter Davis says: "I first read about Robert Blincoe ten or so years ago and was fascinated by his memoirs. The story is very powerful and hard to perform as bits of it are upsetting.

The Sad Tale Of Robert Blincoe, as told by Peter Davis, takes place at Nottingham Castle on Sunday at 11am and 3pm. Adults concessions including entry to all the castle's regular exhibits. Details on Nike Free Flyknit 3

0115 915 3700.

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This includes the Cluny Lace Company in Ilkeston which can trace its history back 250 years and is the only surviving lace manufacturer in Britain still producing high quality products on traditional Leavers machines.

Charles Mason said: "As one of the last lace manufacturers in the UK producing Nottingham lace on traditional Leavers machines, I am pleased that this season of events is taking place.

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"Blincoe's story stands out head and shoulders above others because there are virtually no other stories of the lives of these unfortunate children. Those in power make history and much of the terrible conditions which were prevalent in the industrial revolution have been airbrushed out.

"Now that mass lace production in the city has declined, it is even more important that something like Lace:here:now is taking place to show people just how much of a role lace has in Nottingham's identity. We are proud of our heritage at Cluny Lace and proud to still be producing lace."

At the age of seven, the orphaned Robert was sent to work at Gonalston Mill, near Nottingham. Even at this young age, Blincoe worked for 14 hours a day, six days a week. His first job was to pick up loose cotton waste from the spinning frames while the machine was working and he lost half a finger. Blincoe was desperate and ran away but was dragged back to the mill.

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Nottingham's streets were alive with vast numbers of people going to work in the factories and the Lace Market's cobbled streets shadowed by the tall, red brick mill buildings of the period would have been a hustle and bustle of activity.

'Rich worked children to death while condemning them as being wicked'

Robert Blincoe was a child labourer Nike Flyknit Free Nsw Grey born in the 1790s. His book A Memoir Of Robert Blincoe, published in the 1830s, was an account of his childhood.

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Tracing the story of lace from the 1700s until today, her talk is part of Lace:here:now a season of exhibitions, talks, film screenings and workshops looking at the Nottingham lace connection.

Of course, it was mainly women who were employed in the factories and this started a rumour which refused Nike Flyknit Free 4.0 Black And White

In 1910, some 25,000 people were involved in the manufacturing side and, at its peak in the 1920s, more than of lace was exported from the city in a single year.

Charles Mason, the ninth generation of the family, is managing director. His mother Sheila is a lace historian and will speak on Saturday at Nottingham Trent University's Bonington Building about the company and the Nottingham lace trade.

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Nike Flyknit Free Nsw Grey

Nike Flyknit Free Nsw Grey

in Nottingham.

Also in the spotlight this weekend will be a rather more disturbing side of lace history. The Sad Tale of Robert Blincoe: The Terrible Price Of Lace is a talk at Nottingham Castle on Sunday, which will discuss the everyday misery of a typical child labourer through a performance by professional storyteller Peter Davis.

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